Document management with reminder


All documents can be assigned to one responsible user and will receive a expiration date. Its is Only the responsible user or the administrator can edit the document. The responsible user will also be reminded to regularly revise the document, preferably annually. When this is done, a new expiration date is set automatically. If the responsible person does not revise within the set deadline, the administrator will receive a warning allowing action. Therefore by using the VetDesk system, a database of continuously updated documents is ensured.

VetDeskĀ® has easy access with safety included

Part of the journal programĀ 

The database storing the documents will also be secured with a backup. This ensures secure storage of all documents and protection against incidents such as cyber attacks. VetDesk can be opened from any platform that has access to the internet. This makes the documents easy accessible to the user. For veterinarians it is also possible to include VetDesk as part of the journal program. SanimalisĀ® has already made a version where VetDesk replaces the knowledge bank. With VetDesk procedures becomes easiser and your information is always just a click away.