Storing documents is for many companies a burdensome work. There may be procedures, documentation and sources of information that need to be constantly handled. As the business grows, the documents also get more parameters of varying size, age and importance. Keeping track of what is new and old, relevant and being able to search the database can therefore be time consuming. For example, it is not uncommon for a search only in the titles to take up to several minutes.

With VetDesk, the documents are up loaded into a cloud, categorized by subject and stored automatically. The original document remains as a standalone file that can be opened separately, but the entire document is also written in html. The immediate advantage is that a search in the entire database, including text in the document itself, goes lightning fast and the result is displayed after only a fraction of a second.

Multilingual support

VetDesk is available in several languages and you can choose between Norwegian, Swedish, English and Spanish. To open VetDesk you just log in to a website. Each user will get their own login and user profile.

Flexible search

On the starting page there is a search field where you can search for specific words in both headlines and text. To limit your search, you can search in subcategories and you will only get hits in the category you selected. You click on a link to see the document. The HTML version of the document is the displayed, also who is responsible and a link to the original file, which can be opened or downloaded.